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GP-250, Kid Underground Metal Detector, Mini Size, Depth: 1meter, 9V battery, Lightweight Convenien
Item ID #GP-250
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List Price: $35.00€30.99£28.00AU$45.15CA$45.85S$47.38¥3675.00HK$271.94
Price: $35.00€30.99£28.00AU$45.15CA$45.85S$47.38¥3675.00HK$271.94
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2017-05-10
The right switch of the head, rotate right turn on the power, at the
same time, deepen detecting sensitivity.
Using the GP-250 Gold Miner, if the detector finds the metal, it will
alarm, and it will keep alarm when you remove the detecting coil or
remove metal detector. User can press reset button to clear memory
function data, bring it back to beginning state.
Operating Current: Standby - 65mA, Max - 150mA.
Operating Voltage Range: 7. 2 - 9.6V
Operating Prequency: 7.5Hz+/-1KHz.
Sensitively: Min. 8” (Test Coin: US 50 cents).
Audio Frequency: 294HZ (re)/ 330HZ (me)/ 349HZ (fa)/ 392HZ (so)/ 440HZ (la)/ 494HZ (ti)/ 523HZ (do).
Temperate range: -20 ℃ - 60 ℃
Weight: 2.43lb