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CC311,New Professional Wireless Detector, detecting frequency range: 1MHz-6000MHz,Dual Antenna
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2016-07-21
New Professional Wireless Detector, detecting frequency range: 1MHz-6000MHz,Dual Antenna

Wireless tapping is to send the audio or video signal through electromagnetic waves. Wireless tap detector is a machine designed to detect and fix the position of the hidden wireless tapping device
As the technology of wireless tapping grows, the performance of such devices are also being promoted. They are more and more difficult to be detected with their small size, low emitting power, complicated modulation, wide range, high speed, remote controllability and conceal ability
Wireless tap detector is is designed to detect and concisely determine the location of the working tapping device in the targeted venue. It is one of most advanced portable wireless signal detectors.
Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting frequency range
Sound and light alarm indicator makes it easy to use
Applicable to military, government, business and other venues
Good electromagnetic compatibility
Small and portable
Technical Specifications
Detecting frequency range: 1MHz-6000MHz
Detecting sensitivity: ≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range)
Working range: >70Db
Indicator: 10 grades of LED light indicators / tonal modification sound indicator
Battery: 3.7V Recharger battery
Size: 118×61.8×22mm