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SP003,New 360 degree Side detection with PINPONTING TIP, Audio&Vibrate Alarm
Item ID #SP003
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2016-04-07
360 degree Side detection with PINPONTING TIP
1,One-Touch operation
2, Proportional audio/vibration pulse indicates targets
3, Alarms increase in intensity based on target’s proximity
4, Pinpoint tip detection
5, 360 degree side scan detection area
6, LED Light for low light uses
7, Scraping blade for searching soil
8, Automatic tuning
9, The audio or vibration alert frequency will increase as the tip gets closer to the target
10, IP 66 Standard waterproof rating
11, you will find the device to be an indispensable tool to: speed target recovery; Accurately find small objects; Prevent digging large holes; Identify multiple objects in near proximity; Search in tight interior areas such as walls and ceilings; Serve as a utility pinpointer for locating metal pipes, conduit, rebar and control boxes; Locate nails and metal wall studs in homes