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M-T2+,TEKNETICS Gold Finder T2+ Gold detector,Professional High Performance Metal Detector
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Upload Time: 2015-11-05

The Gold Finder T2 is a professional high performance metal detector that goes to extraordinary depths.

• Super sensitive 
• Large, easy-to-read LCD Screen with Target Identification Display 
• Intuitive user interface with trigger-activated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch 
• Double – Filter Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas 
• Ground Cancellation 
• Continuous ground monitor delivers a bar graph readout of ground mineralization 
• Waterproof 11-inch DD Open-Frame Bi-Axial tm Search Coil 
• Low Operating Cost – Approximately 40 hrs with 4-AA Batteries 
• Multimode operation: New Boost mode, New Cache mode, all metal mode, discrimination 
   mode&ground cancellation (works in all modes) 
• Pistol grip conforms to your hand for comfort; 2-way adjustable armrest