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HUD-A8,OBD2 HUD, Apply All The Car, 5.5 inch Screen,5color display
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This automotive head up display is abbreviated to HUD and short for head up display, with the meaning of “look-up display device”, or “look-at-the-front-horizontally display device” it can project important information(eg. vehicle speed)onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver and thus help to make their driving safe and sound when driving at a high speed, especially at nigh without lowering their heads.
1, 5.5inch Screen Display
2,Vehicle speed, engine speed, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption of 100KM, water temperature, battery voltage, over speed alarm, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, shift reminding, driving mileage record, detect and clear fault code, brightness can be adjustment by automatically and by manual, free switching between kilometer and mile, single-stage and more-stage alarm, diversiform display mode.
3, Features: Eliminate double reflection, five-color hd dislay record single driving distance