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I8, HD Car video recorder,NT96650+SONY Camera, 1296P,MOV,G-Sensor, License Plate
Item ID #I8
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2015-12-15
This product combines wide dynamic digital industry leading camera, no leakage of seconds, seamless circular camera, ultra wide angle shooting,with display real-time playback, mobile detection camera
NT96650+SONY Camera    HD  1296P
Options Explanation Available options
Resolution Set the video resolution 1296P、1080FHD 、720P、WVGA 、VGA
Loop recording When setting up each video file length 1 minute , 3 minutes , 5 minutes , turn off , ; if you choose to close the case , the card will not automatically cycle full coverage.
WDR Wide Dynamic automatic adjustment of light On, Off , the proposed full-time open
Exposure Compensation Underexposed , dim the screen , you need to fill light +0.0、-1/3、-2/3、-10、-4/3、-5/3、-2.0、+2.0、+5/3、+4/3、+10+2/3、+1/3
Motion Detection In standby mode, when the screen has moved to the detection of automatic video On, Off
Recording Audio Recording function is turned on or off On, Off
Date Label Camera video watermark date On, Off
Parking guard After parking stall , body if you receive external vibration generated by the tachograph will open camera On, Off
Gravity sensor Collision generated video never be covered High , medium, low , off
Date / Time Date and Time You can set the year, month , day, hour , minute, second
Automatic shutdown No automatic shutdown operating state 30 seconds , one minute , off
Beep During operation, the key is with sound On, Off
Language Settings Language operating menu Traditional , Simplified Chinese , Russian, Japanese, French , Italian, German , Spanish, English, Korean
Light frequency Lights flicker frequency 50HZ、60HZ,
Night Lights Fill light in the dark state by IR On, Off
License Plate Vehicles can enter grades , displayed on the video file A00000
Format You can delete memory card data above SD
The default setting Restore factory settings Cancel, OK
Screen Saver Recorder automatically turns off the display work On, Off