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WI-23, WIFI Car Back up Camera Transmission, AV IN, With 1pcs Camera, Support IOS&Android
Item ID #WI-23
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List Price: $37.00€32.76£29.60AU$47.73CA$48.47S$50.09¥3885.00HK$287.48
Price: $35.00€30.99£28.00AU$45.15CA$45.85S$47.38¥3675.00HK$271.94
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2015-12-01
Product features
1, WIFI Transmission, support iphone, ipad, and android phone
2, Adjustable multiple angle camera viewing, with image-flip ability
3, Transmitter rainproof, dustproof and shockproof
4, Minimum illumination less than 0.5 lux, digital compensation for clear nightvision
5, Easy installation, wiring free
6, 12DC car power supply
7, Transmission distance with no obstacle more than 50meters
8, The client terminal shall support android 2.2 or above, and ios shall support verion 4.3 or above.
9, App soft(IPHONE &Android): WIFI VAIN
10, Take photo and video on your mobile phone