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CR-008, 4.3inch Car Rearview Camera, 1CH Camera, 2.4G Wireless
Item ID #CR-008
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2015-11-30
4.3 inch 1CH Wireless Rear-view Camera,2.4G wireless。
1, real - time display when you shift in reverse.
2,1 pcs of cameras for you to install in behind or at the side of your car.
3, Min.100 meters transmission distance, no need wiring.
4, DC 12 and 24V is compatible.
5, Camera with 110 degrees viewing angle lens
6, Absolutely water - proof design for the camera
7, Combined camera with transmitter together
8, Adjustable up and down U type bracket
9, With 4.3" TFT LCD monitor