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WI-K9,Starlight Nightvision WIFI MiniCamera,HD1080P/ H.264,8Meters Nightvision Distance,App:iminicam
Item ID #WI-K9
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List Price: $33.00€30.69£26.07AU$45.31CA$43.09S$44.67¥3654.75HK$256.40
Price: $33.00€30.69£26.07AU$45.31CA$43.09S$44.67¥3654.75HK$256.40
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1 $33.00€30.69£26.07AU$45.31CA$43.09S$44.67¥3654.75HK$256.40 $0.00€0.00£0.00AU$0.00CA$0.00S$0.00¥0.00HK$0.00
10 $32.50€30.23£25.68AU$44.63CA$42.44S$44.00¥3599.38HK$252.52 $0.50€0.47£0.40AU$0.69CA$0.65S$0.68¥55.38HK$3.88
100 $32.00€29.76£25.28AU$43.94CA$41.79S$43.32¥3544.00HK$248.63 $1.00€0.93£0.79AU$1.37CA$1.31S$1.35¥110.75HK$7.77
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2017-12-27
Starlight Nightvision WIFI Mini Camera
1, Build in Hisilicon Starlight Night-Vision programme
2, Build in 8pcs 940IR, 8meters nightvision distance
3, WIFI/P2P/IP Function
4, App name: iminicam, Support IOS/Android/windows
5,Build in bracket, The bracket can be rotated at any time
6,Support TF Card Max 64G
7,Build in 8.0M Camera, HD1080P/H.264
8,Motion Detection function, APP can push to you Mobile phone