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M1S, USB Charger Camera DVR, 1080p/30fps/AVI,Video Sync, Support TF Card, Mini Size, HOT Product
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2016-11-25
M1 USB Charger Camera DVR
Video format         AVI
video coding         M-JPEG
Video resolution      1920*1080
Playing software      Operating system comes with or mainstream video player software
Image proportion     4:3
Storage support      4G 8G 16G 32G TF Card
1: Camera: machine connection socket, red and blue light blue lights flashing lights at the same time, after three time put out, representative to enter the camera state, the machine from the socket pulled out, the lights flashing three out, stop and save the camera on behalf of.
2: Electronic equipment charge: the product can be in the camera during the same time data cable connection USB interface, can give electronic products.
3: Video Sync: video and audio synchronization.
4: Automatic cycle camera: when the memory is full, the machine will delete the earliest video files, will retain the latest video files.
5: Reset: when the machine appears dead, the indicator lights, the machine from the socket, about a minute later, the lights out, the machine will automatically reset.