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U10, Voice Trigger USB Voice Recorder,192Kbps, >40dB Recording, Battery Time 20h,Time Setting, 8G
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2018-07-13
It is a USB stick recorder.
It uses a light-absorbing material, it doesn't look so obvious, which makes it easy to overlook its existence. It feels very comfortable and warm, and it doesn't feel uncomfortable in cold weather.
Voice Operated Recording, sound (> 40dB) was recorded, no sound is not recorded
It's not only portable, like an old recording pen, but it can be inserted into your home's USB power supply to record every sound in your home. It can faithfully record your conversations with your colleagues or clients 24 hours a day,or what happens in the office after work ,You just insert it into your computer or USB charger.
Its design is very ingenious. It automatically saves the recording files every day, and starts a new recording. The length of the recording file is the time of the event, which is very convenient for inquiry and evidence collection.
1. There's only one switch key, and it's very easy to use.
2. It uses a light-absorbing material, which looks very hidden during the day.
3. ON is recorder, OFF is U-disk.The recording file is not lost in use.
4. When it is working, no light or no sound.
5. Recording while charging. support PC and any kind of USB charger.
6. With time as the file name;
7. Each day 00:00 automatically becomes a file and saves.The recording length is the point of the event.
8. Battery power indicator,when it is ON,the more battery power, the more flashes.
9. The recording is very clear, up to 192 KBPS / 48 KHZ (8G capacity to support 90 hours of working time);
10. when low battery ,automatically save the recording file;
11. Quick charging function, charging half an hour can record 20 hours.
12. support 8G/16G/32G.
13,Voice Operated Recording, sound (> 40dB) was recorded, no sound is not recorded