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GSM-BOX2,GSM Listening Devices,SMS Control,Voice& Vibrate Alarm, 2G/GSM,6000mAh battery Work 60days
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2018-08-28
SMS commands:  

000#your phone number#  ( set your phone number as admin nubmer, you can call this device for audio monitor )
333    (to start voice-activated function. The device will call admin number once some voice detected around it)
777    (to start vibration alarm function. The devie will call admin number if any vibration. )
999         (To get location information.)
555   (To turn off all function)
0044 (Change To English )
imei#  ( Inquire IMEI No)
1122  (Restore to the factory settings)
APNsettings:   APN#parameter#account#password#
123#1/0  (Open/Close auto upload location data)
6666#on#  (Vibration Alarm on)
6666#off#  (Vibration Alarm off)