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N23, USB GSM Tracker, Voice Montion/ Voice Recording/GSM Tracking, GSM Quadband, TF Card Max 32G
Item ID #N23
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List Price: $24.00€21.25£19.20AU$30.96CA$31.44S$32.49¥2520.00HK$186.47
Price: $22.00€19.48£17.60AU$28.38CA$28.82S$29.78¥2310.00HK$170.93
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1 $22.00€19.48£17.60AU$28.38CA$28.82S$29.78¥2310.00HK$170.93 $0.00€0.00£0.00AU$0.00CA$0.00S$0.00¥0.00HK$0.00
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100 $21.00€18.59£16.80AU$27.09CA$27.51S$28.43¥2205.00HK$163.16 $1.00€0.89£0.80AU$1.29CA$1.31S$1.35¥105.00HK$7.77
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2018-04-23
SMS commands:  

000#your phone number#  ( set your phone number as admin nubmer, you can call this device for audio monitor )

333    (to start voice-activated function. The device will call admin number once some voice detected around it)

777    (to start vibration alarm function. The devie will call admin number if any vibration. )

999    (To get location information.)
111  (Voicerecording,Store in TF Card, WAV 128kbps)
444  (Format TF Card)

555   (To turn off all function)
SYSRST(Reset devices)