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VR-626, Digital Voice Recorder, PCM 1024Kbps/WAV, 8G Memory, VOR/VOS, OLED Display Screen
Item ID #VR-626
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2018-09-11
·PCM 1024Kbps high definition recording 
·OLED Display Screen
·One Key Recording, One Key Playing
·Voice-activated recording(VOR/VOS),the level can be adjusted
·Three recording scenes can be choose
·Password protection
·With built-in high-fidelity speaker and high-sensitivity microphone
·Telephone Recording function & external microphone recording function
·Support 24 Languages operation
·USB data transmission & charging, Recording and Charging simultaneously
·Size:83mm*26.5mm*12.5mm  Weight:28g
·Power Supply: Polymer Battery 3.7V  400mAh
·Recording Bit Rate: WAV  128Kbps / 512Kbps / 1024Kbps
·8GB Recording Time: 144hours / 36hours / 18hours
·16GB Recording Time: 288hours / 72hours / 36hours
·Support System: Windows2000/XP/7/8/10/Android