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CY-820,Play Birds Voice And Hunting, 60W Speaker 160dB, Remote Control, With LED Display, 340 songs
Item ID #CY-820
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2011-11-09
Product offered by manufacturer directly;
Waterproof and desert proof design;
6 kinds of language display play info;
7 groups timer can set any song played at any date and any time;
Power off memory timer and tracking;
Built-in 60W speaker playing up to 160dB;
340 songs included in the player;
Support USB download users own voice file;
Songs name can be display by brightness LCD screen;
Numeric keypad and 15 key remote control (optional);
Remote encoded one by one;
Power on repeat play;
30 range volume adjustable;
Powered by 12V battery (not included)